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A trial for the most advanced coffee course and certification in the world. | taught by Barista Hustle
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Barista Hustle is on the cutting edge of coffee education and innovative product design for barista tools. Millions of Baristas and coffee professionals from all over the world use our free education resources for training and progression. Our paid online courses represent the pinnacle of specialty coffee knowledge and have absolute relevance to today's profession.

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This is a course for coffee professionals looking to understand and update their knowledge of coffee science. Over 4 weeks you will learn best practice in solubility testing using dehydration and refractometry. You will learn coffee algebra. You will become well versed in technologies like laser diffraction in grind analysis and conductivity testing in green coffee quality assurance. There are 7 chapters, 70+ individual lessons, 16 videos, various self-teaching exercises and 7 challenging assessments. You will take with you a huge coffee tool kit with all the calculators, spreadsheets, forms and posters you need to keep your knowledge and the people who you work with, right on ‘the boundaries of coffee’. 

Course Contents

1 Quiz
9 Texts
1 Disqus
4.0 hrs